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In perhaps one of the oldest civil cases pending in the Los Angeles Superior Court, Lawrence C. Ecoff, Esq. acted as lead trial counsel for Shailesh Jogani in a five-month jury trial concerning a breach of oral partnership between five brothers over a multi-billion dollar real estate portfolio and an international diamond business. One of the brothers, Haresh Jogani, disavowed the existence of an oral partnership with Shailesh Jogani and his three other brothers, claiming that since the real estate and diamond business were held in his name, they belonged solely to him.  The other brothers asserted that Haresh Jogani was holding title to the real estate portfolio and the diamond business on behalf of all the brothers pursuant to an oral partnership.


The case was filed in February 2003, and following two decades of battling including six visits to the Court of Appeal, trial commenced in September 2023.  Mr. Ecoff tried the case along with lawyers from other firms representing the other three brothers in seeking to enforce the oral partnership.  Together, with their different styles and trial strategy, they presented the jury with overwhelming documentary evidence and witness testimony establishing the existence of the oral partnership.  After five-months of trial, the jury deliberated for six days, before returning a massive $7 billion verdict in favor of Shailesh Jogani and his brothers.  The jury found the existence of the oral partnership between Shailesh and his brothers and awarded monetary damages in excess of $2.5 billion, one of the largest jury awards in the United States.

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